K Flex Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber Insulation Sheet

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Nitrile rubber insulation from K-flex is closed-cell insulation with a K-Value of 0.333 W/mK. This basically means that this foam insulation sheet prevents cold or hot water pipes and ducts from losing heat. 

The nitrile rubber pipe insulation ensures high performance for all applications, even in temperatures as low as -165 °C and as high as +85 °C. The foam insulation comes with an in-built vapour barrier which ensures that water and its related issues are kept at bay. 

Nitrile rubber sheet from K-Flex insulations is cost-effective and can be used to insulate metal ducts or pipework across projects. They also provide effective pipe and duct insulation on heating, plumbing, air conditioning and water ducts, among others.

In our many years of installation experience, we have used K-Flex Nitrile rubber sheets far too many times, especially because they make it easier to insulate large pipes and ducts. Simply cut the nitrile rubber insulation to size, and install it over the pipe or ductwork, securing it with nitrile rubber adhesives. 

Product Details:

  • Nitrile rubber insulation is supplied in lengths of 2 M Long. It is 50mm wide.
  • Insulation Thickness we store: 10mm, 19mm and 25mm.

Key Features:

  • The foam pipe lagging insulation gives high performance for all applications in a temperature range from -165 °C to +85 °C. 
  • The fine closed cellular structure in nitrile rubber sections ensures high technical performance.
  • The pipe lagging solution has an in-built vapour barrier that keeps condensation and pipe-sweating at bay.
  • They are resistant to mould, fungi and bacteria
  • The rubber foam sheet is environment-friendly and does not contain CFCs or HCFCs 
  • The foam insulation solution is light, flexible and easy to install
  • The nitrile rubber pipe insulation sheets help reduce energy costs and improve energy saving.
  • They are fire-resistant.


  • K-FLex ST nitrile rubber sheets can be used for H&V insulation in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
  • They can be used to insulate water tanks, pipe fittings and water ducts.
  • Metal duct insulation can also be achieved by nitrile rubber sheets from K-Flex.

Thermal Performance: 

  • Nitrile rubber insulation has a very low K-value of 0.333 W/mK. It ensures that the cold water pipes remain cold and do not gain heat that can otherwise lead to pipe sweating.   
  • It also ensures that the hot pipes maintain their temperature and do not lose heat easily. This property of foam insulation helps with helps minimise condensation in both pipe and ductwork

Fire Classification:

  • Euroclass B- s2, d0 fire rating when classified with EN 13501-1. 
  • The Class O insulation complies with Building Regulations.

Water Resistance:

  • Nitrile rubber pipe insulation sheet protects pipes and ducts from water ingress.
  • It has an in-built vapour barrier that protects metal pipes and ducts, from corrosion and rust. This helps increase the longevity of the pipes and ducts network in an H&V system. 


  • Nitrile rubber insulation is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.
  • It does not contain any CFCs or HCFC.
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