Rockwool Aluminium Faced Stone Wool Pipe Insulation

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Pipe insulation is critical to maintaining lower energy costs. The mineral wool pipe insulation from Rockwool can help just achieve that. They provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation around heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipework.

The mineral wool pipe insulation from Rockwool has consistently shown high-performance thermal insulation, under varying conditions and environments. They are functional up to a temperature of 250°C. The pipe lagging has pre-formed sections of mineral wool insulation with a factory applied foil facing and self-adhesive lap ensures easy installation. The Rockwool Insulation is durable and long-lasting. The factory-applied aluminium foil layer forms a protective barrier against moisture.  

Product Specifications:

  • Length - 1m.
  • Insulation Material: Foil-faced Rockwool insulation.
  • They are supplied in thicknesses of 20-60mm with a range of inner diameters of 15-102mm

Key Features:

  • The mineral wool pipe sections enable easy, fast and simple installation.
  • The Rockwool pipe insulation reduces energy expenditures and time on site
  • They have limited combustibility and are naturally inert.
  • The mineral wool pipe sections do not support the growth of moulds or other microorganisms.
  • The Rockwool pipe insulation keeps your pipes safe from rotting, condensation and other issues. 
  • Mineral wool sections provide acoustic and thermal insulation to heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipework.  
  • Pipe lagging is highly resilient, durable and dimensionally stable
  • Pipe sections maintain their thickness and shape over time.
  • Rockwool pipe insulation provides frost protection and  personnel protection 
  • The factory-applied aluminium foil acts as a vapour barrier, thus protecting pipes from moisture and related issues.
  • Pipe insulation from Rockwool is chemically compatible with all types of pipes, equipment and fittings.


  • Used for the insulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipework.
  • The foil-faced insulation is suitable for use within fire rated flexible/rigid walls and concrete floors.
  • The rock wool pipe sections have been authorised for use in LUL surface and subsurface premises.

Product Details:

  • Compliance: BS EN 14303, ISO 14001
  • Conform to BS 3958–4,
  • Density: 120Kg/m3
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.033 - 0.034 W/mK 
  • Service Temperature:  0°C to 250°C
  • Provided with self-adhesive laps for easy application
  • Provided with a factory applied foil facing.


Pipe lagging sections above 30mm thickness  (i.e. pipe thicknesses- 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 60mm) are ordered in items and will have a lead time of approx. 7 days.

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