About Us

Buy Insulation Online is an online store specialising in the supply of insulation materials and accessories. We offer an extensive range of competitively priced insulation products for residential, industrial and commercial projects across the UK.

At Buy Insulation Online, we have partnered with some of the UK’s largest brands of Insulation essentials to bring you the best quality at a low cost.

Our user-friendly website is designed to make shopping for insulation materials easy, fast, secure and hassle-free.

We work with a range of delivery partners to ensure you receive prompt, safe and hassle-free deliveries across the UK, regardless of the quantity purchased. We have an online customer service, to address any query you may have while shopping with us. You can also request a callback if you wish to talk to our experts. 

We provide technical data and specifications for the products, as supplied by the manufacturer to help you make an informed choice.

Buy Insulation Online is the best place to buy your roof, loft, floor, duct, wall and foil insulation at affordable prices. We offer top-quality acoustic insulation, plasterboards, mineral wool insulation slabs, and fire- protection range online.

We update our website frequently with new and innovative products, some that you can rarely find on the shelves of your local merchant.

When you purchase insulation online from us, we plant three trees for free. A big portion of our profit goes towards charitable platforms like Ecologi and Work for Good. 

Ecologi is a platform to prevent climate change. They fund green energy projects all over the world. They plant seeds and nurture them into mature trees with the help of the locals, which provides much-needed jobs in some of the poorest regions of the world. We are proud of our work with Ecologi. We have planted thousands of trees so far aiding in the reforestation efforts in the UK, Madagascar and many other places. 

Work for Good is another platform that we are proudly associated with. They help charities raise funds from small businesses and offer businesses an opportunity to donate to the charities they care about. As a company, we have chosen many such charities and have generously donated towards their cause.

About Buy Insulation Online

At Buy Insulation Online, we have listed out some of the superior quality insulation products from the UK’s top brands at affordable prices. We strive to ensure that all high-performance insulation supplies are available to you with a world-class customer service experience, at the click of a button so that you get to enjoy comfort and save energy.

Our Mission

Community and environment are at the heart of everything we do. Proceeds from every sale go to charitable platforms like Ecologi and Work for good.

Experience you can Trust!

Our years of experience in the construction industry, has allowed us to carefully handpick top quality products from leading brands and bring them to you at the lowest possible prices.

Our Products

In addition to providing material solutions to general building insulation, we cater to specific markets like HVAC Insulation, Cladding, Fire Protection, Acoustics and more.

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