Rafter insulation is installed between the roof rafters. It provides a warm attic environment, by preventing heat loss through roofs.

Rafters can be insulated using insulation slabs like Rockwool Flexi, RWA45, or RS60, RS45 by Knauf. You can also use Actis Hybris to insulate between rafters. Over rafter insulation can be achieved using rigid insulation boards like PIR and others.

Yes, you can insulate between rafters using insulation batts. Installing insulation, however, is not a DIY task. We recommend contacting professional insulation installers for the job.

Under rafter insulation can be achieved using rigid insulation boards.

Part L of the building regulations recommends the U-values for rafter insulation in the UK.

Rafter insulation boards are rigid insulation boards like Celotex board, Iko or Xtratherm PIR boards that can are used for over rafters insulation.

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