PIR boards have the lowest K-value, which indicates their high thermal efficiency. At buy insulation Online, we store PIR boards from Celotex, Xtratherm and Iko.

Foam insulation boards like PIR and XPS are an excellent way to keep the heat indoors. They save space compared to insulation batts and do not release any harmful fibres into the air.

Insulation boards offer higher thermal efficiency compared to insulation rolls. They may be a bit expensive in comparison, but they save space and pay for themselves in the long run

EPS insulation boards are the cheapest insulation boards we store.

An insulation board is a rigid board with insulating properties. At Buy Insulation Online, we store PIR, XPS, EPS and insulated plasterboards all of which can help increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Insulation boards can be cut using a saw. But it can get messy, so please use appropriate protective gear including masks and gloves while cutting insulation boards. If you are not an efficient DIYer, we recommend contacting professional installers.

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