Advantages of PIR Insulation

Clean Energy and sustainable products remain the key focus points as the care for the only liveable planet grows. Governments all over are coming out with new and innovative ways to become more energy-efficient and carbon neutral. 

Insulation is a key factor in increasing a building's energy efficiency whilst reducing the chance of energy loss due to air leaks and inadequate ventilation. Though there are many insulation solutions for floors, roofs and walls available in the market today, few can match the extraordinary cost-effectiveness of PIR insulation.

PIR rigid insulation board is popular among all insulation categories. It is one of the most versatile, thermally efficient and readily accessible insulation materials available today. A step up from polyurethane, the PIR board has one of the highest R-values per thickness compared to any other insulation material in the market.

The core material of the PIR board was created in the 1930s and has since been used as an insulator. PIR is a polymeric material created by combining isocyanates and polyols. A cross-linking chemical reaction occurs, resulting in a strong, stiff substance that does not melt when heated. PIR slows the spread of flames and reduces the amount of smoke produced by the fire.

The rigid insulation board is a PIR insulation core, sandwiched between two high-performance facings to provide robust, durable, lightweight insulation that lowers overall construction costs.

Some of the main advantages of rigid PIR insulation boards include:

Excellent thermal performance-

PIR rigid insulation boards offer excellent thermal performance as their lambda values are as low as 0.022W/mK. Because of its thermal qualities, it only requires half the thickness of typical mineral-based insulation to obtain the same thermal performance, making it simple to meet or surpass the thermal performance standards outlined in UK building rules and codes.

Highly durable:

PIR insulation is highly durable and lasts longer-

- PIR Insulation boards are quite thin. Less material means lighter structures and lower construction costs.

- PIR boards perform consistently throughout many years. When you use PIR insulation, you save hundreds of pounds in energy expenditures. You lower your carbon emissions and save yourself the hassle of having to do another insulating job.

- It produces less waste, making it one of the more environmentally friendly insulation materials.

- It is recyclable and ideal if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.


PIR rigid insulation boards are easy to handle and transport, making installation much faster. Their small weight makes them ideal for modern construction technologies and lightweight supporting structures. They are much lighter compared to traditional insulation forms that weigh more than 120 kg/m³.


PIR boards are used to insulate roofs, walls and many more places. Whatever application you have in mind for the insulation, you can rest assured that it will work with a range of finishes.

Moisture resistant:

PIR insulation boards do not absorb moisture and thus, retains their weight and insulation properties. With the water absorption rate is as low as 2%, you will not have to deal with any moisture-related issues or consequences. You do not have to face any major mould problems including, fungi, mosses, algae, and lichens of all kinds.


PIR insulation boards retain their original shape even after much wear and tear. It is an excellent option for flooring insulation, as you might expect. Even after using it to insulate roofs, personnel can ‘walk’ across the PIR boards to access the other side, with ease.  

PIR insulation boards are fire-resistant, easy to cut and do not cause any itching. Besides the features mentioned above, there is a lot more to this insulation solution and its benefits, which makes it an ideal investment.

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