Insulation batts and rolls are mostly made of fibreglass or mineral wool. Insulation batts care to cut into prices that can fit perfectly between the joists in ceilings, walls or floors. Insulation rolls are rolled out between wall and ceiling frames.

Batt insulation when installed correctly helps keep heat inside. They save energy and money thus making your home energy efficient. Insulation batts are very versatile in their application.

RWA45 is a Rockwool insulation made of mineral wool. The name is derived from the density of the insulation slab - 45kg/m3

Rockwool Flexi is an insulation batt from Rockwool. The mineral wool batt insulation is manufactured using patented technology that enables perfect friction fit between the joists.

Yes. Mineral wool insulation from Rockwool is breathable. It allows moisture to pass through the Flexi slabs, reducing the risk of molds.

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