5 Reasons to soundproof your home

Sound is a part of life, but when it becomes noise, it can be a bother. Many people in the United Kingdom live in cities. As convenient as this is, it also means continuous exposure to high levels of noise.

If you have not undertaken adequate soundproofing measures, the constant rumble of traffic and unwanted noise will find its way home. All this noise will take a toll on your life, more importantly, your health.

Soundproofing your walls and other areas of your home can reduce this undesired noise to a significant extent. There is a wide range of sound-dampening materials available and these products easily fit into any budget and building regulations.

Sound is known to travel in 2 ways- Through air and the building fabric.

The holes you have in your room like the switches, gaps under the doors or near the window, HVAC ducting system act as sound leaks and provide excellent air sound transmission paths.

Sound also travels through the building fabric. The sound in the room causes vibrations, which affects your walls, ceiling, floor among other things. These in turn vibrate the walls attached to them, thus reproducing the sound in other parts of the building. Even solid concrete basement floors allow sound to pass through them.

Here are some of the most compelling arguments for soundproofing your home:

1. Privacy

Some homes have thin walls, which allow sound to pass from one home to the next with ease. Your neighbours are likely to hear you if you can hear every footstep, cough, and conversation going on next door. Soundproofing your home will improve your privacy while also making you feel more at ease and relaxed.

Neighbours or even someone in the adjacent room are less likely to overhear you conversing, listening to loud music, or watching movies at your home theatre. Similarly, any noise coming from their side of the wall will be much less audible to you.

Simply put, it means you can go about enjoying the simple pleasures of life in the privacy of your home or room.

2. Reduces traffic noise

It can be incredibly frustrating to live near a busy road or a noisy flight route and be powerless to do anything to stop or minimise the noise. The incessant, irritating rumble and booming of traffic can take its toll, on your health and well-being leading to both physical and psychological problems. Studies have shown that road traffic noise directly impacts cardiovascular health.

Soundproofing your home can help block out traffic noise and reduce its impact on your life.

3. Health and well being

Studies have repeatedly shown the adverse effects of noise, on health and well-being. Noise pollution affects every part of your life- from disturbed sleep to the inability to relax and concentrate. Long-term noise exposure has detrimental impacts on health including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack and cardiovascular problems.

Soundproofing walls and other areas of your property reduces the undesirable noise significantly.

4. Keep sound in:

Soundproofing isn't just for keeping noise out; it also helps you to keep sound in and keep you from becoming a noisy neighbour.

Many musicians soundproof their homes in order to practise their instruments whenever they want without disturbing their neighbours. Soundproofing a new home theatre or music room will prevent noise from spreading throughout the house and when combined with calibration treatment will improve the room's internal acoustics.

5. Thermal insulation:

Sound-absorbing materials include thermal benefits. Acoustic insulation products help lower your heating expenses by reducing your overall energy consumption and making your home more energy-efficient.

Final thoughts:

You are set to gain in many ways when you invest in soundproofing your home. You improve the quality of your life, your sleep, health, relationship with family and friends, all this whilst also increasing the value of your home.

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