Trade Account

Buyinsulationonline was set up by trade professionals for tradespersons.

Although we cater for the general public also, we add the most value to our tradespersons, whom we support with our expert advice, our extended customer service hours and most of all our competitive trade and bulk order prices. Meaning you can be more competitive with your quotes and winning more jobs. Your success is our success.

Here's what we offer exclusively for our trade account customers

  • Live online chat on Whatsapp and speedy callback requests
  • Exclusive access to an H&V and Structural insulation estimating service at a 20% discounted rate (T&C Apply)
  • Exclusive access to discounted prices unavailable to the general public
  • Exclusive discounted access to a lead generation service we provide for our tradespersons to help keep your order book full
  • Expert advice including heat loss calculations and others which can be carried out by our suppliers and direct from manufacturers for your project
  • Further discounted prices on bulk orders
  • Potential annual rebates based on volume per year
  • We support all project sizes, large and small.
  • No need to shop around, we offer the best prices you can get anywhere on most products on our site.
  • Speedy and prompt delivery including the next day.
  • Free delivery is applicable on selected goods for orders between 125 - 610* pounds, Ex.VAT, on selected postcodes. *T&C apply.
  • Top brands under one easy-to-use site including all accessories

We have service specialists standing by to make sure you get the most savings out of your purchases.

As trade account holders, you get access to our 'Business Login' area, where you can log in and see all of your orders together – make changes, edit your delivery details, etc.

We will be delighted to accommodate you and your business needs with our custom-made trade accounts set up just for you. Email us at [email protected] and we will send you a form to fill in to apply.

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