Modern Slavery Act has applied an anti-trafficking and anti-slavery policy showing its dedication to counter slavery plus human trafficking and to showing stability in all its company relationships and supply chains.

Modern slavery incorporates slavery, required and obligatory labour, and human trafficking where people are denied of their liberty and are made use of for business or workers gain as specified in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

This Policy applies to all staff members and other individuals working on behalf of and for

  •  thinks that the present threat of contemporary slavery related to its supply chains is minimal. The business takes its business duties to fight modern-day slavery seriously which are shown by implementing the following policy steps: -

  • The avoidance, detection and reporting of modern-day slavery anywhere in its company or supply chains is the obligation for everybody working for

  • Appropriate due diligence should be performed in relation to contemporary slavery which might consist of thinking about human rights in any sector or nation, the kind of section in which a client or provider runs, the nations from which services are offered, the nature of relationships between providers and the intricacy of supply chains.

  • All supply chain lines require to be continually at risk of being examined and handled in relation to modern-day slavery and any high-risk providers examined.

  • When reporting such issues, - motivates anybody to raise any issues about contemporary slavery and the Company will support anybody who acts in excellent faith.

  • will continue to establish its dedication to combating modern-day slavery and human trafficking, by reporting such activities within its yearly anti-slavery and anti-trafficking declarations.

Any breaches of this policy might lead to taking disciplinary action versus people and/or end its business relationship with a provider or an organisation.





Position : Managing Director


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