10ply KlasseClad - Foil Barrier Pipe Jacketing System

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Brand: Klasse
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
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KlasseCLAD™ Heavy Grade Foil Barrier Jacketing is a 10 ply, zero permeability, all-weather laminate. It is coated with an aggressive cold weather acrylic adhesive. It offers superior resistance to weathering, fungi, UV and extreme environmental conditions. Cladding from Klasse offers excellent resistance against all weather conditions. 

Cladding from Klasse is an adhesive taped product that requires no screws, velvets or sealants, reducing the possibility of human error and repair. KlasseClad acts as a fire retardant and does not support the spread of flames. It is an economical alternative to insulation for the replacement of mastics, glass fibre cloth, butyl sheeting, and other types of insulation materials.

KlasseCLAD™ Heavy Grade Foil Barrier is designed for use as a vapour barrier in insulation cladding and jacketing applications. It has a UV coat and multilayered laminate with pressure-sensitive adhesive and a release paper liner. The 10-ply Heavy Grade product is recommended for coastal areas & where pest damage is a challenge.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Sizes: 500mm x 35m rolls.
  • Colours: Silver, White and Black
  • Finish: Silver colour in Smooth or Embossed finish and White and Black colour in a smooth finish.

Key Features:

  • Superior adhesion in cold and hot conditions
  • Cladding solutions from Klasse is easy to cut and install
  • Strong adhesion and holding power
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent sealing and patching performance
  • No additional fixings required 
  • Offers resistance to absolute moisture ingress and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Cladding solutions from Klasse offer superior protection in extreme weather conditions.
  • KlaseeClad acts as a fire retardant.


  • Cladding solutions from Klasse is designed for use as vapour barrier insulation cladding and jacketing applications

Product Features:

  • Offers good chemical resistance
  • 98% Elongation
  • Service Temperature: -70°C ~ 149°C
  • Water Vapour Permeability: <0.0005 g/m2.24hrs

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