Armaflex 520 - Pipe Insulation Adhesive

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Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
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While foam pipe lagging is easy to install, you still need an appropriate bonding agent to perfectly seal pipe insulation. Armaflex 520 from Armacell helps you do just that. They form tighter bonds and stronger seams. 

They ensure a neat, professional finish while insulating Armacell pipe lagging and other nitrile rubber pipe insulation. These insulation adhesives are well suited to seal Armaflex flexible foam pipe insulation sections. It can also be used to secure rubber foam pipe lagging. It is a market-leading, tried and tested insulation adhesive.

Armaflex 520 is known to form resilient and heat-resistant bonds with many products. The low viscosity of these insulation adhesives enables them to dry really quickly. They form a reliable vapour barrier. It offers perfect bonding even at temperatures as high as +105°C. Insulation adhesives form a reliable vapour-tight seal, meaning it does not let water effect the insulated pipe sections.

Product Specifications: 

  • Armacell 520 is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1Litre.

Key Features:

  • Armacell adhesives are a fast-drying contact adhesive
  • They are easy to apply.
  • They are specially formulated for Armacell insulation
  • Adhesives ensure a reliable vapour-tight seal
  • They can operate at temperatures as high as +105°C
  • Armacell adhesives have low viscosity, air drying adhesive
  • One-component industrial adhesive
  • Armacell adhesives form age and weathering-resistant bonds.


  • It forms a strong, robust bond when used to seal vapour-retarder jackets made of laminated aluminium foil and kraft paper.
  • They are ideal to seal Armacell insulation together. 
  • Armacell Adhesive is used to seal Armacell tubolit, nitrile rubber pipe lagging and others.

Product Description:

  • Service Temperature: -50 - 105 °C
  • Application Temperature: Ideally 15–20°C
  • Colour: Beige
  • Shelf Life: 18 months
  • Minimum drying time: 3-5 minutes.

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