Rockwool Stone Wool Fire Barrier

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Brand: Rockwool
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
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Rockwool Fire Barriers effectively prevent the passage of fire and inhibit the spread of smoke within roof and ceiling voids. The fire protection boards offer excellent fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation to the applications. It is made of stone wool and has a galvanised wire mesh which is stitched to one side. 

The fire proof insulation board by Rockwool is developed to prevent the spread of flames and inhibit heat and smoke through concealed spaces in buildings. They effectively absorb any airborne sound, providing acoustic insulation. The fire protection boards are long-lasting, do not rot or sag over time. The fire barriers can be fixed quickly with concrete decks, timber and steel, meaning they reduce installation time and costs.

Product Specifications:




Pack Coverage (m2)




4 m2




3.5 m2

Key Features:

  • The fire barrier by Rockwool is Patented ‘quick-fit’ system for up to 1-hour fire resistance
  • Fire protection boards are suitable for void heights up to 10.5 meters
  • They provide acoustic insulation and protect against airborne sound.
  • The fire resistant boards are flexible, easy to install and accommodate movement
  • They enable quick installation - thereby reducing installation cost and time. 
  • The galvanised steel mesh of the fire barrier enhances its strength.


Fire protection boards can be used on:

  • Pitched roof voids
  • Head of the wall
  • Concealed ceiling spaces
  • Multiple substrates
  • Fire protection of structural steelwork

Product Details:

  • Reaction to Fire: Euroclass A1 - Fire Barrier and Fire Barrier Slab
  • Acoustic Performance: up to 50dB
  • Material: Rock wool

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