Anglo Rapid Welding Agent For PIB Sheeting

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Cladding pipework help protects them from harmful external factors and weather conditions. PIB insulation is used precisely for this purpose. But the PIB insulation can only work if it is installed properly and correctly secured around the pipework. This is why we recommend using PIB rapid weld from Angle Adhesives.  

Anglo PIB Rapid Weld is a solvent-based welding solution, specially designed to hold the PIB insulation covering over the insulated pipe and ducts. They form quick, lasting bonds with the PIB insulation. The thinly formulated solution of the adhesive evaporates quickly and provides a neat and professional finish to the PIB insulation.  

Anglo PIB Rapid Weld is also used for the insulation, construction and building sectors. It is ideal for pipe lagging applications also. The PIB welding agent from Anglo adhesives has been the market leader for many years due to its ease of use. The PIB welding agent comes in an easy-to-use can of 5 litres. It is also easy to apply to the PIB insulation with a stiff brush. It can be used for both internal and external applications. 

Key Features:

  • Superfast bonding time.
  • Evaporates fast, solvent-based welding agent.
  • Superior welding agent.
  • Market-leading PIB welding agent.
  • Comes in handy packs of 1 and 5Lts.
  • Forms stronger, long-lasting bonds.
  • Reduces the time required to install PIB insulation


  • Ideal for weld overlaps in PIB sheeting.
  • It is also used in insulation, construction and building industries.
  • Suitable for welding seams, overlaps and end laps of PIB sheeting.


  • Hold the PIB insulation in place around the insulated ducts or pipework.
  • Apply PIB welding agent with a thin brush to both surfaces of the PIB insulation and join them together.

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