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The 50mm black clips mechanically secure the condensate pipe insulation around the condensate pipes. It holds the condensate pipe insulation in place, which means when the insulation is tightly secured around pipework, the condensate pipes will be kept warm and away from freezing.

The insulation is secured by placing them at 500mm centres. This is done in conjunction with the spacer bar, which will also hold the insulation in place. The clips help in keeping the insulation off the wall whilst protecting it from debris that could otherwise be caught behind the insulation.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 50mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Pack Size: 10

Key Features: 

  • Clips help to mechanically secure pipe insulation around condensate pipes.
  • Protects the insulation from dirt and debris from the wall.
  • Helps keep the condensate pipes warm by securing the insulation.
  • Tools give a professional finish to the condensate pipe insulation. 

What are condensate Pipes?

Condensate pipes are the ones attached to your boilers, that throw out the wastewater released when the boilers work to keep your home warm. The acidic effluents are moved out of the building using condensate pipes.

Why insulate Condensate Pipes? 

By insulating condensate pipes, you ensure that the pipes do not freeze, even on prolonged exposure to sub-zero conditions. If the condensate pipes freeze, they can clog leading to costly repairs in the boilers or they can harm the structure itself by bursting. Condensate pipe Insulation is also a requirement as per BS 6798: 2014

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