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Condensate pipes are prone to freezing and it is absolutely necessary to keep them warm, especially in the winters. Lagging for condensate pipes provide exceptional protection against frozen condensates. They are high-quality, UV stable, easy to install condensate pipe lagging. 

The condensate freeze protection kit includes three pipe lagging sections of 1-meter lengths. They come with a waterproof coating making them the ideal alternative for exterior condensate protection. It gives maximum protection and a professional finish to the pipework. They effectively protect the condensate pipes from freezing, thus protecting your boilers and home. 

Product Specifications:  

  • Pipe length: 1m
  • Pack Quantity: 3
  • Size: 35mm x 13mm

Key Features: 

  • Excellent freeze protection for pipes. 
  • Pipe insulation is UV stable.
  • It is waterproof. Pipe lagging keeps moisture-related issues at bay.
  • It maintains the temperature of the water within.
  • Pipe lagging for condensate pipe was created with ease of cutting, mitering, and bonding in mind.
  • It provides a clean and sleek finish around pipework.
  • Pipe insulation comes in an eco-friendly cardboard box and is simple to recycle. 
  • Saves time on installation.
  • Compliant to all BS Installation Standards

Why insulate condensate pipes?
The fuel that the boilers in your facility make use of to heat water or keep your home warm, leaves out acidic wastewater called condensate. This by-product moves out of your house through condensate pipes. Since condensate drain lines are placed outside, they are exposed to freezing temperatures, which may freeze and clog the pipes. forcing the condensate to freeze and clog pipes. Clogged condensate pipes could in turn cause water to back up into the house. This could result in damaging the boiler. Hence it is of utmost importance to insulate condensate pipes in your facility.

While using foam pipe lagging or other Class O pipe insulation can delay freezing in condensate pipes, it would not protect condensate pipes from prolonged exposure to freezing conditions nor does it prevent moisture ingress. Insulating condensate pipes requires specialist pipe insulation from Condensate Pro.  

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