Condensate Pro Termination Kit For Condensate Pipe Insulation

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External condensate pipes will freeze if left uninsulated. When condensate pipes freeze, they clog leading to costly repairs and structural damage. All external condensate pipes must be insulated as per BS 6798: 2014. Condensate pipes can be insulated using Class O, condensate pipe insulation from Condensate Pro. 

Condensate pro Termination Kit includes a termination set, spacer bar and a 50mm clip pipe. The 32mm solvent-weld pipe comes with insulation pre-installed and is super easy to use. The product works to enable hassle-free on-site installation. The best part about the termination kit by Condensate Pro is that the internal joint is not glued, which enables you to twist the joint at the required angle required to suit the requirements of the job or have a perfect, traditional set. 

Contents of Termination Kit for Condensate pipe insulation: 

  • One insulated and adjustable termination - 32mm
  • One length of spacer bar
  • One pipe clip (50mm)

Key Features:

  • Termination kit by Condensate Pro enables easy installation. They save time on-site.
  • It provides seamless protection to condensate pipe whether it’s connected to the rainwater pipe, soil pipe, soakaway, or drain as and when needed. 
  • All the products are of top quality and give a professional finish to the installation.
  • The inner joint can be adjusted to any angle as it is not glued. It enables an easy installation. 
  • All products of the termination kit can be used straight out of the box. No prior work is required.

Easy-to-go packaging

  • The contents of these condensate pipe insulation termination kits comply with the required building regulations. 

Termination kit enables easy and professional condensate pipe protection. The 32mm solvent weld pipe termination is pre-made, insulated and the joint is not-glued. Twist the internal joint to the required angle and install using 50mm pipe clip and spacer bar. The pipe clip ensures that the insulation is secured in place. The spacer bar protects the condensate pipe insulation from dirt and dust.

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