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Condensate pipe insulation needs to be installed properly to protect the condensate pipes from freezing. Spacer Bar Pack from Condensate Pro helps with just that. It keeps the condensate pipe insulation off the wall and protects it from dirt so the insulation gives a lasting performance. 

The spacer bar pack from Condensate Pro makes sealing the hole through the wall simpler and allows air around the condensate pipe insulation to accelerate the drying process. The spacer bar is used to take the condensate pipe over any other pipes or obstacles without using any more bends or 45s.

Key Features:

  • Helps with the proper installation of condensate pipe insulation.
  • Protects the pipe insulation from dirt and rust to give a lasting performance.
  • The spacer bar pack helps in quickly sealing the adhesive around the pipe insulation.


  • The spacer bar is used to install the condensate pipe insulation properly.

Why insulate condensate pipes?  

The BS 6798: 2014 requires that all external condensate pipes be fitted and insulated. It is primarily because the condensate pipes are located outside the building and are prone to freezing. When this happens, the pipes get clogged or break. If the condensate pipes are clogged they could harm the boiler and if they break, they will harm the structure itself. This is why it is important to insulate the condensate pipes. 

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