K-Flex Class O Elastomeric Foam Tape

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Country of Manufacture: Italy
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K-Flex self-adhesive foam tape is made with superior quality foam and is highly flexible. The closed-cell nature of the elastomeric foam makes it suitable for hot and cold thermal insulation. The features of foam insulation tape like its low thermal conductivity, high water vapour diffusion resistance and low flame spread make this self-adhesive tape ideal for sealing the insulation around pipes, ducts and others together.

These self-adhesive foam pipe insulation tape from K-Flex helps save energy. They perfectly seal any gaps between the insulation and cover the tiny gaps. Since K-flex foam insulation tape is made of the same material as the K-flex sheets and foam lagging, it has the same excellent moisture resistance and thermal qualities. The factory-applied pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) attaches firmly and establishes a long-lasting connection.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 15m
  • Width : 50mm
  • Thickness : 3mm

Key Features:

  • Foam tapes are elastomeric and flexible.
  • Foam tapes are dimensionally stable
  • Foam tapes provide thermal insulation, thus saving energy costs.
  • They are resistant to mould and bacterial growth.
  • Foam tapes are water and moisture-resistant.  
  • Foam tapes have low thermal conductivity, making them ideal to bind insulation materials.
  • They have a low flame spread. 
  • Foam tapes have high water vapour diffusion resistance.
  • Foam tapes form a long-lasting connection and stronger bond.


  • K-Flex Foam Insulation self-adhesive tape can be used around pipes, ducts, tanks, applied for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and plumbing, pipe fittings and water ducts.
  • Foam tapes can also be used in industrial applications for energy saving and/or condensation prevention purposes.
  • Foam tapes can provide thermal insulation for building equipment and industrial installations.
  • Foam tapes are also useful for insulating and wrapping electric wires and cables.


  • Clean the surface free from any dirt, oil or grease.
  • Remove the release paper from a section of the tape, taking care not to touch the adhesive surface. Align it centrally over the joint and pull the tape taut and press down well over the entire joint area. 
  • Rub the tape to make the surface free from any wrinkles or folds.

Product Details:

  • Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0,037 W/(m*K) at 40°C.
  • Material: Flexible foam
  • Type: Roll
  • Reaction to fire: B-s2,d0
  • Service Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Water vapour permeability: 7000 μ

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