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The use of underfloor heating has been on the rise in the past couple of years. Thanks to its affordable pricing, more people now using underfloor heating systems to improve the energy efficiency of their homes which of course means more savings in terms of energy and money.

To get the best out of underfloor heating systems, you must use an insulated underlay. Insulated underlay helps enhance the performance of the underfloor heating system. These are compatible with all types of flooring and will bring in comfort, security as well as thermal and soundproofing benefits.

Insulated underlay is a thin polystyrene carpet insulation that gives excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to floor applications. It is placed between the foil heater and the chilly subfloor. Carpet insulation reflects the heating upwards thus keeping your home warm and comfortable. It also helps with reducing energy bills and saves money

Insulated underlay comes with foil facings which protect the floor and the underfloor heating system from moisture ingress. Warmup Insulated Underlay's structural reliability and innovative design enable it to achieve a heat resistance of up to 0.19 (Rm value). It saves space as it is only 6mm deep.

Key Features:

  • The insulted underlay is only 6mm deep, so it does not occupy much space.
  • Carpet insulation is easy to use and install. Thin and light in weight
  • Helps reduce impact noise. Soundproofs floor.
  • Insulated underlay prevents heat loss and improves the effectiveness of underfloor heating systems.
  • Ideal for soft floor coverings
  • Moisture is kept out by foil backings.

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 1200mm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Top layer Composition: Grooved polystyrene
  • Bottom layer composition: Silver foil with adhesive overlap
  • Rm Value: 0.19
  • Thermal Resistance or R-Value: 0.19m²k/w


  • Used to improve the efficiency of underfloor heating systems.
  • Compatible with all floor types.


Warmup Insulated Underlay is a thin insulating layer that reflects heat upward, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the underfloor heating system. In conjunction with the Warmup foil heating system, the insulated underlay has been specially created for installation underneath the Warmup Dual Overlay system.

First, make sure the base is tidy and dry. When installing the insulation, place the silver foil on the bottom. Roll out the following section of the carpet insulation after the initial rows have been fitted. In order to create a damp-proof scenario, peel off the protective film from the self-adhesive overlap and adhere the two rows together.

Underlays and Carpets

It is crucial to select carpets and underlays with low TOG ratings since they offer better heat insulation and have higher TOG values. The longer the warm-up period, the slower the flooring's ability to transport heat into the room will be. This is true regardless of the carpet and insulated underlay thickness. It is crucial to confirm the compatibility with underfloor heating. If you must use a second underlay, make sure it has a low Tog rating—ideally 0.5 Tog and no higher than 0.8 Tog.pr

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