Junction Box For Heat tracing- Large

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The Solco Pyrolec JBL or Large Junction Box is a professional quality junction box designed to easily accommodate power and/or heating cable entry and connection. It is supplied complete with an internal assembly of DIN rail-mounted terminals with easy identification of correct wiring orientation. There are enough terminals for 1 x power and 3 x heater circuits. The junction box is UV resistant and non-hazardous.

The enclosure is made from tough weatherproof and UV resistant polycarbonate and uses 4mm² terminals for easy insertion of wiring. There are enough terminals to easily accommodate 3 heater circuits without the need to ‘gang-up’ more than one circuit per terminal. It is easy to use, carry and handle. The junction box is waterproof. 

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 125 mm
  • Height: 125 mm
  • Depth: 75 mm
  • Inner depth: 60.5 mm
  • Outer base depth: 50 mm
  • Outer cover height: 25 mm

Key Features:

  • 4mm² DIN rail mounted terminal block for easy wiring identification and access.
  • IP66/67 tough polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Weatherproof junction box.
  • It is UV resistant.
  • Non-hazardous polycarbonate junction box.


  • JBL is typically used to connect power to or tee/splice up to 3 heater circuits.

Product Details:

  • Base Body Material: Fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate 
  • Cover Body Material: Polycarbonate Gasket: polyurethane
  • Knockouts: 4 x M16/M25 + 6 x M12/M20
  • IP rating: 66/67
  • Impact strength: IK 08
  • Minimum temperature rating: -40°C
  • Maximum temperature rating: 80°C
  • Short-term temperature range: -40°C to 120°C
  • Flammability rating: UL 746C 5 inch flame test
  • ETIM class: EC000261
  • Suitable for outdoor set-up: Yes
  • Wall fastening possible: Yes


  • Slide cable glands, except locknut, (supplied with power termination kits) back onto each power/heating cable.
  • Terminate heating cable using appropriate Solco Pyroelec power termination kit 
  • Drill out the appropriate knockout for each gland on the side of the junction box. Affix the junction box in a secure location or to a bracket supplied by Solco Pyroelec.
  • Feed the heating/power cables through each hole ensuring they pass through the gland lock nut also. Connect each heater to appropriate point in the terminal block and screw down tightly using appropriate torque level.
  • Slide each gland forward and tighten with lock nut using appropriate torque level.

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