Knauf Drywall Adhesive

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Brand: Knauf Insulation
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
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Knauf Drywall Adhesive is gypsum-based adhesive that is specially designed for direct application on Knauf plasterboards. Supplied in packs of 25Kg, it covers 4-6 square metres and must be applied by hand.

The plasterboard adhesive allows a clean and neat finish. It is easy to apply and lasts longer. It is used to easily attach Knauf plasterboards and Knauf insulated plasterboard laminates to concrete blockwork, common clay brick and blockwork, standard and insulation plasterboards.

Key Features:

  • Gypsum based Adhesive
  • Long lasting 
  • Easy to apply and ready to use
  • Suitable for directly bonding a wide range of plasterboard
  • It's simple to use and apply.
  • High bonding strength and consistency

Product Details:

  • Shelf Life: 4 months
  • Pack Size: 25Kg
  • Estimated coverage area:  4.6m2 per bag (dot and dab)

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