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Condensate pipe insulation needs to be sealed - both at the bends and near the hole wherein the condensate pipe enters the building. Bond & Seal by Condensate Pro is a hybrid polymer sealer that forms high-quality bonds with the condensate pipe lagging. It also effectively seals all gaps in any wall fabric.

The Bond & Seal polymer sealer is a 150gm tube that fits a mastic gun easily, which makes it easy to apply and reduces wastage. Once cured, the polymer sealer creates a perfect waterproof barrier and does not allow moisture in any form to enter the insulation. The rich black colour matches the condensate pipe lagging, connection and termination kits, creating a uniform look along pipes. It also expands and shrinks with the weather and temperature, leaving no exposed regions to freeze. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Product Size: 150g tube
  • Colour: Black

Key Features: 

  • Forms quick and high-efficiency bonds between the condensate pipe lagging and the wall.
  • Effectively seals all joints in the condensate pipe insulation.
  • Polymer sealer expands and shrinks with temperature so that no area is exposed to freezing temperatures.
  • It comes in an easy to use tube pack, thus reducing on-site wastage. 
  • The rich black colour perfectly blends and seals the condensate pipe insulation in place.
  • Does not allow any moisture to enter the system.
  • Polymer sealer can also be used to fix and maintain any damaged surface of the insulation, before applying the maintenance coat.

What are condensate pipes? Why should lag condensate pipes?

The boilers in your facility make use of energy - either to heat water or keep your home warm. This process releases a lot of carbon dioxide and water vapour. This acidic wastewater or condensate needs to move outside the building. 

Condensate pipes transport this by-product out of your home and since they are located outside, they are susceptible to sub-zero temperatures, which can cause the pipes to freeze and clog. Frozen condensate pipes trigger a chain reaction that ends in the breakdown of boilers. In order to prevent this, the lagging of condensate pipes is absolutely important. Insulating external condensate pipes in a building regulation according to BS 6798: 2014.

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