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Pre-formed W-bends of isogenopak cladding are used to cover the 90-degree sharp bends in the pipes. They properly cover and encase the pipework's cornered edges, protecting the pipe insulation from extreme temperatures. Isogenopak bends come in a variety of pre-formed sizes to accommodate different pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses. To keep the isogenopak insulation in place, Isogenopak accessories like rivets and bradawl are utilised.
Isogenopak is used to offer an extra layer of protection to insulated piping and ducts to protect them from high temperatures, moisture and harsh environments. It's a self-extinguishing PVC film that protects insulated pipelines and ducts from fire.

Key Features:

  • Pipe bends and pipe lagging is protected from high temperatures and conditions by isogenopak cladding.
  • Isogenopak cladding gives the job a tidy finish.
  • The pre-formed portions are light, portable, and simple to handle.
  • Isogenopak cladding is designed specifically for S bends.

Uses of Isogenopak cladding:

  • Insulation made of isogenopak is practically impervious to water and does not corrode.
  • It's made to cover thermal and sound insulation put in pipes and ducts inside the house.
  • The smooth surface of the isogenopak cladding provides good anti-static properties.
  • Isogenopak cladding performs well in extreme temperatures, from -20°C to +65°C.
  • The isogenopak cladding has inherent curl’s, thus decreasing the installation time. Once installed, the isogenopak insulation does not need to be maintained.
  • The isogenopak cladding gives the duct and piping a sleek and tidy appearance.
  • The insulation is impervious to fresh and saltwater, oils, grease, acids, alkalis, and caustic substances.

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