Superfoil Multi-layer Foil Insulation Roll

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SuperFOIL SF19+ is high-performing multifoil insulation that offers exceptional value for money. The multifoil insulation has a 3-in-1 design - It has a vapour barrier, provides effective insulation and acts as a radiant barrier. The radiant barrier reflects excessive heat gain during the summer months and provides excellent insulation throughout the year. The foil insulation rolls help achieve high levels of energy efficiency.

The multiple layers of reflective insulation roll protect against heat loss through radiation that any traditional insulation fails to do. It controls air leakage such as draughts. It has been tested to the highest standards and is fully certified for use in the UK and is certified under CE for its use as a vapour & water barrier.

Product Specifications:




Roll Coverage (m2)





Key Features:

  • Foil insulation has a 3 in 1 design - Insulation, Vapour control layer & Radiant barrier
  • Multifoils have high performance enabling a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Foil insulation roll is BBA Agrément Certified 
  • It utilises Dupont's ultra-efficient nano-coating technology to improve performance.
  • The multifoils are suitable for new build, retrofit and extensions 
  • Easy to install- horizontally or vertically. Foil insulation is easy to carry and fix.
  • Foil insulation reflects heat back and keeps cool at high temperatures.
  • Multifoil insulation is airtight as it effectively seals any air gaps.
  • Foil insulation roll is designed to comply with building regulations. 
  • Multi Foils effectively reduce air leakage and prevents draughts.


  • Foil insulation roll is certified for use above and below rafters
  • The multifoil insulation can be used with any other insulation including mineral wool or foam board. 
  • It is ideal for use in walls and roof structures in new builds and in the renovation, refurbishment/extension projects.
  • Foil insulation rolls provide air seal & radiant barrier and are building regulations compliant.


  • Foil insulation rolls are enable easy installation results in minimal waste
  • They are manufactured with 40% recycled materials
  • Foil insulation roll is recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Thermal Performance:

  • Reaction to fire: Class E (Euroclass)
  • Thermal Resistance - RValue: 1.63m2K/W.
  • In the Roof: RValue: 2.22m2K/W.
  • In the Wall: RValue: 2.53m2K/W.

Product Details:

  • Water Vapour Resistance: 1200+MNs/g
  • Material: Multifoil
  • Weight: 13kg

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