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We hand-pick quality insulation materials for you from the top and leading brands all over the world with a special focus on products manufactured in the UK. Below is a brief description of some of the brands we store.

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation has come a long way to become a global leader and innovator. 

They manufacture premium and high-performing insulation products plus insulated systems for building services and HVAC applications. Founded in 1965, the brand is growing exponentially and has its footprints in over 70 countries and counting. 

Here at Buy Insulation Online, we supply some of the high-performing technical solutions from Kingspan. We offer phenolic foam pipe insulation, thermal duct insulation boards and phenolic duct boards at low cost and deliver them for free in major cities. These products have industrial and domestic applications. They insulate the pipes and ducts in your facility and protect them from heat loss.

Knauf Insulation

One of the biggest brands of insulation supplies worldwide. Knauf Insulation products are famous for their Ecose technology. This unique bio-based binder, ECOSE Technology, is utilised in manufacturing all Glass and rock mineral wool products. The technology makes Knauf products soft to the touch, sustainable and environmentally friendly. With Ecose technology, the insulation produces very little dust, making it more convenient for people to handle and install it.

Knauf duct Insulation slabs - They protect square and rectangular ductwork from heat loss.

Knauf cavity wall Insulation slabs: Dritherm 37 and Dritherm 32 are probably the best selling cavity wall insulation slabs in the UK.


Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool offers insulation for every application. The experts in rock wool insulation offer commendable and sustainable solutions to the ever-growing construction industry. From acoustic insulation slabs to pipe lagging solutions, Rockwool has effective insulation solutions made just for you.

At Buy Insulation Online, we store

Rockwool pipe insulation sections: They protect hot water pipes from heat loss and provide effective insulation. 

Rockwool Duct Insulation range: Rockwool Ductwrap and boards that protect all kinds of ductwork from fire and provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

Insulation Slabs: Rockwool Flexi, RWA45 and Rainscreen Duo are some of the most popular products from Rockwool that are well known for their excellent thermal insulating properties and versatile applications. Rockwool slabs also provide excellent soundproofing.

Loft insulation Rolls: We store loft insulation rolls from Rockwool at various thicknesses. They are easy to work with and are used to insulate in between and over the joists to meet the building regulations. 

Solco Pyroelec Trace Heating

Buy Insulation Online is proud to be associated with Solco Pyroelec

A brand in itself, Solco’s trace heating solutions is one of the best in the UK. 

They provide complete trace heating solutions to industrial and commercial applications. Here at Buy Insulation Online, we provide some of the most commonly used trace heating solutions from Solco Pyroelec like heating tapes for frost protection and hot water maintenance, electronic mechanical thermostats and many more.

K-Flex Insulation

         K-Flex insulation is known for its smart and sustainable products. They are a multi-national manufacturing firm that specialises in the development of flexible elastomeric insulation materials that are both thermal and acoustic applications. 

At Buy Insulation Online, we store pipe and duct insulating materials at a low cost. The self-sealing pipe lagging, available in various sizes, makes it super easy to install pipe insulation yourself. The rubber foam insulation sheet provides effective insulation on pipes and ducts.


Celotex insulation has been in the construction business since the 1920s.

This popular brand from Saint-Gobain is widely known for its superior quality PIR boards and plasterboards.  They make multi-purpose insulation boards that are cost-effective and are known for their superior insulating abilities and durability. Celotex PIR boards come in handy to end cold spots in walls, roofs, floors and other areas.

At Buy Insulation Online, we store Celotex PIR insulation boards - GA4000, TB4000 and XR4000. These can be used to insulate floors, roofs, walls and underfloor insulation. Celotex boards are a popular insulation solution since they are cost-effective, lightweight, robust and simple to install.


 For over 35 years Actis insulations have been in the construction industry, coming out with some innovative insulation products during this time. Known for its out of the box thinking, Actis manufactures world-class products with exceptional and lasting insulating properties. They manufacture high-performing reflective insulation for pitched roof insulation, rafter insulation, stud-wall insulation and suspended timber floors.

 Actis Hybris honeycomb insulation is intrinsically airtight, preventing both outside and inside air infiltration and heat loss. The foil insulation rolls like Boost’R and Hybrid provide insulation to walls and roofs through all three modes of heat transfer. All products of Actis are light in weight and easy to install.


Pioneers in foam insulation, Armacell is known for its technical solutions worldwide. They offer an extensive range of top-quality pipe and duct insulation products with exceptional insulating properties. The most famous of all their offerings, Armaflex pipe insulation, has been in use for decades and is still going strong today.

At Buy Insulation Online, we store Tubolit pipe insulation and Armaflex pipe insulation that enable easy energy and cost savings. They are super easy to install, provided you are a half decent DIY'er. With the tubolit range from Armacell, you can say goodbye to pipe freezing and condensation.


Superglass has always been the one to innovate and bring in new and top-quality products to ease the installation process and meet the building regulations. From the loft insulation rolls to retrofit cavity wall insulation batts to blown-in insulation, Superglass has always stepped up when need be. At Buy Insulation Online, we store loft insulation rolls of varying sizes, Cavity insulation batts, and acoustic insulation range from Superglass.


Xtratherm is a leading manufacturer of insulation materials with manufacturing units in the UK and Ireland, among other places. Xtratherm has over the years, brought in many high-quality products to insulate roofs, walls, floors and other areas. Their PIR range is known for its durable and superior performance.

At Buy Insulation Online we store PIR insulation boards of all sizes. The foil-faced insulation from Xtratherm can be used to insulate walls, roofs and other areas. The insulated plasterboard - Thermal liner- is an excellent drylining insulation board with versatile applications.


With their innovative foil insulation range, Superfoil products save you time, space and money on every project. The foil insulation rolls are super easy to work with and install. They prevent heat transfer through all three modes and provide effective insulation all year round.

Here, we store breathable membranes and foil insulation rolls from Superfoil. The insulation rolls comply with the building regulations. They free up space that is often lost when using mineral wool or other insulating materials.

Isover Insulation

Isover is a leading supplier of innovative, high-performing sustainable insulation materials. With over 63 industries all over the world, Isover from Saint-Gobain has been providing insulation solutions for both technical and structural insulation categories since 1937. 

At Buy Insulation Online, we store glass mineral wool pipe lagging and duct wraps from Isover. We also store party wall insulation at a low cost.


Klasse is a family-owned manufacturer from Britain that has produced many innovative products in the cladding and technical insulation category. They have grown to be the leading innovators in building solutions in the European market.  

At Buy Insulation Online, we store their high-performing KlasseClad solutions that provide a weatherproof barrier on duct and pipework. Other than these, we also store foil tapes, duct tapes and barrier tapes from the Klasse brand.


The climate around us is changing fast. Today we see the effects of global warming and deforestation on a regular basis. Irregular rains, floods and scorching heat in some regions of the world are some of the well-known effects of global warming. 

It's high time we consider the environment in the decisions we make. Each one of us must take collective steps to decrease our carbon footprint. By jam-packing our homes or building with insulation, we can reduce our carbon footprint to some extent.

But that alone is not enough. The only way to combat global warming is to plant more trees and that is what we intended to do when we partnered up with Ecologi. Ecologi empowers you to tackle climate change by planting trees.

How? Let us explain

When you Buy Insulation Online, we plant a tree in your name for free. After extensive research, Ecologi has carefully shortlisted a few varieties of plant species that have a maximum positive impact on the environment. In most cases, it is the mangroves. However, crop-yielding seeds are sown in areas where Ecologi's planting projects are taking place at the time.

The seeds are watered, nurtured and cared for by the locals. Therefore, by purchasing insulation online from us, you offset your carbon and make jobs for the local workers. Your trees grow to protect the biodiversity in the area and increase the green cover. The fruits and flowers produced by your tree will eventually become a source of livelihood for the local population.

At the end of every order, we send you an image of your saplings. We also share a link with you wherein you can see your tree grow whenever you feel like it.

Buy Insulation Online have been partners with Ecologi for a couple of years now, and we are proud to have planted around 1000+ trees so far. We want to achieve so much more and with your help, we would like to grow our forest and become a force of good in the world. Plant a tree in your name today and become an active part of the climate positive workforce.

We will continue to bring in top-quality products from leading brands to you at ultra-competitive prices. For superior quality, insulation materials, visit us or you can email your requests to [email protected]

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