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Duct boards by Rockwool have a mineral wool insulation core with an outer foil layer. Duct insulation boards give superior thermal insulation to ducts, cold water storage, feed and expansion tanks. Since these duct slabs are made of mineral wool, they give superior sound insulation and can be used to insulate rectangular or square-shaped ducts that contain a high-velocity flow of gas or liquids. Hence, Rockwool duct boards not only restrict heat loss in the ducts of the h&V system and save energy but also make the workplace more productive and efficient. Insulation boards are also non-combustible and have superior fire resistance. They have the highest possible fire rating A1 by Euroclass. 

When correctly installed with proper labels, Rockwool duct insulation enhances workplace safety. They are also easily cut with a sharp knife, easy to use and install. Rockwool duct boards prevent any air leakage from the ducts and prevent pollutants from entering the H&V system. They hence optimise the ducts' performance, which in turn helps make the building more energy-efficient. The outer foil facings of duct insulation provide continuous protection against moisture. As a result, problems like condensation and duct sweating can be reduced to a minimum. Rockwool duct boards enhance indoor air quality. They are chemically inert, rot-proof and do not support the growth of moulds, fungi etc.

Key Features:

  • Duct insulation boards by Rockwool are acoustically absorbent
  • They are non-combustible, easy to handle and install
  • Duct insulation boards are water repellent and chemically inert
  • Rockwool duct boards are compatible with all types of ducts, equipment and fittings
  • They are made of rot-proof mineral wool and do not encourage or support the growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria.


  • Rockwool duct board is better suited for rectangular and square ducts due to their rigidity.
  • It is often applied to air conditioning, warm air and extractor ducts, located in plant rooms, boiler houses or externally.  

Fire Performance:

  • The products are classified A1 in accordance with BS EN  13501-1.
  • Rockwool duct board complies with the definitions of non-combustible in all UK and Ireland Building Regulations.

Sound Insulation:

  • Rockwool duct boards give excellent acoustic insulation to high-velocity ducts, particularly to those carrying gases, fluids or particle solids. 


  • Mineral wool insulation by Rockwool is long-lasting and durable.
  • Rockwool duct boards have a proven service life of over 60 years and usually last the lifetime of the building, plant, or structure. 
  • Duct insulation performs exceptionally even in a wide range of climates and degrees of exposure. 


  • Rockwool Duct slab is made from a renewable and plentiful naturally occurring resource. It is also 97% recyclable. 
  • It saves fuel costs and energy, thus making your building more energy-efficient. 
  • Rockwool duct insulation does not contain gases that have ozone depletion potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP). 

Other Details:

  • Material: Rock wool.
  • Service temperature: Up to 230°C
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.034 W/mK
  • Nominal Density: 45kg/m3.
  • Water Vapour Resistance:  approx 1000MNs/g.
  • Euroclass Fire Classification: A1
  • CE marked (BS EN 14303).
  • You can find more information on duct boards here


  • CE marked in accordance with BS EN 14303
  • Rockwool duct board is authorised for use in LUL surface and sub-surface premises (LUL Ref: 315). 

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