Types of duct insulation materials

Your ductwork or duct system helps circulate air throughout the building. It needs to be insulated to ensure that the air you receive in your home is warm enough to keep your indoors comfortable. It also makes your home more energy efficient. Buying duct insulation online can also help you offset your carbon, as you do not have to travel to the local store to buy the insulation yourself. 

Ductwork or ducting system transports conditioned air throughout a structure. They are the channels via which cooled air from the air conditioner circulates and stale air is eliminated.

What are the common problems faced if your ductwork is not insulated? 

When the duct system is left uninsulated in your office space or at home, it leads to ventilation issues. Unhealthy ventilation can cause more sick days and absences from work, as well as poorer productivity. Other issues, that may develop due to lack of duct insulation include:

  • Uncomfortable indoors both at home and workplace. 
  • Leaking of conditioned air becomes quite common. 
  • Decrease the service life of the ductwork itself. 
  • Lower energy efficiency.
  • Greater heating costs.
  • Insufficient airflow.


Duct insulation has many benefits like:

With ductwork insulation, you not only save on energy costs and reduce heat loss but also reduce your carbon footprint and make your building more energy efficient.

In short, you reverse all the effects of uninsulated ductwork plus, enjoy other benefits including.

  • Quieter workplace as duct insulation reduces the operation sound of the ductwork. 
  • It improves indoor air quality.
  • Good ventilation.

What are the different types of materials used for duct insulation?

There are numerous solutions available on the market, each of which serves a distinct purpose. You may choose an option depending on requirements such as acoustic insulation, heat loss reduction, moisture and condensation control.

1. Glass mineral wool insulation isover aluminium faced mineral wool insulation:

Fibreglass or glass mineral wool insulation provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to ductwork. It also provides exceptional fire resistance. Duct wraps made of mineral wool from Isover, enable a neat finish around ductwork.  

They are flexible, lightweight rolls that are easy to install. A factory-applied aluminium foil front provides an inherent vapour barrier to this durable, glass mineral wool roll. The thermal insulation of the Isover climcover helps to avoid thermal losses and condensation. 

Ideally, they are used to insulate both oval ductworks inside and outside the building. When used outside the building, an additional cover may be required.  

Benefits :

  • Significantly reduces heat loss in and around ducts.
  • Provides acoustic insulation
  • Fire resistance.
  • It ensures a tidy finish around the ductwork.
  • Prevents condensation issues around ductwork

2. Mineral wool or stone wool duct insulation slabs:

They are non-combustible insulation slabs with factory-applied foil-facing to provide water vapour resistance throughout the ductwork. We offer duct insulation slabs from some of the best brands like Knauf and Rockwool

Thermo-teK BD 060 Alu offers exceptional thermal, acoustic insulation to rectangular and square ductwork. It also provides excellent fire resistance, along with water vapour resistance. It is specially designed to tolerate extreme weather conditions and can be used to insulate ductwork outside the building. 

It can resist high pressure and does not lose form with time. It enables technical maintenance on solar panels, air conditioning units. 

Benefits :

  • Ideally suited to insulate rectangular ductwork.
  • Ensures that the duct system is thermally efficient and soundproof. 
  • Quieter indoors.
  • Resistant to fire and water vapour.

Rockwool Ductslab is flexible, lightweight insulation, perfect for rectangular ductwork. The easy to install insulation offers excellent thermal insulation. It has a reinforced aluminium foil face which provides good quality vapour resistance. This solution is non-combustible and acoustically absorbent according to the A1 classification.

With a service temperature of up to 230°C, it is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. It makes the workplace quieter and more comfortable. It is used to insulate H&V systems, cold water storage, feed, and expansion tanks. Air conditioning, warm air, and extractor ducts, in plant rooms, boiler rooms, or outside are frequently insulated with Rockwool mineral wool duct insulation thermal insulation solutions. It is also used to provide thermal insulation and reduce the operational sound of ducts that carry fluids, gases, or particle solids at high velocities. 

Benefits : 

  • Perfect to insulate rectangular ductwork.
  • Service temperature is as high as 230°C.
  • Can be used for industrial and external applications 
  • It enables a quieter workspace.
  • Saves energy cost and soundproofs duct system.

3. Thermaduct insulation: kingspan aluminium faced thermaduct insulation boards:

Manufactured with a high-performance rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) core, the thermaduct solution from Kingspan is ideal for rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork insulation. It is also used to provide HVAC insulation, other building solutions. 

Thermaduct insulation boards are versatile and can be used across projects as new builds or refurbishment works. They are used in residential, industrial and commercial applications. They provide a cleaner, more precise fit than non-rigid glass or rock mineral fibre duct wrap. 

Benefits :

  • It has a high performing PIR core.
  • It is a perfect solution for insulating rectangular, circular and flat oval ductworks.
  • Aluminium facings ensure water vapour resistivity.
  • Enables a cleaner, more precise fit. 

4. Phenolic duct insulation: kingspan aluminium faced phenolic insulation board:

Phenolic duct insulation from Kingspan is thin and efficient insulation, manufactured with a rigid thermoset phenolic insulating core. It is designed for use on rectangular, circular, and flat oval ductwork. It offers high thermal insulation and fire resistance. 

Kingspan Phenolic Insulation Boards are suitable for a wide range of duct sizes and insulation requirements. At sites where ductwork supports and hangers are installed, they can withstand the loads produced by HVAC / building services ductwork. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, HVAC and building applications, plenums, and associated equipment.

Benefits :

  • It offers excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance.
  • Suitable for both external and internal applications.
  • It is an ideal solution for rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork insulation.

In conclusion:

As mentioned earlier, insulating your duct system can include many benefits for your home and your health. With the information provided in this blog, you can, hopefully, make an informed decision about the duct insulating material that would best suit your requirements. 

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