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Though Rockwool FirePro gives effective thermal insulation for square and rectangular-shaped ductwork, that is not just what they are known for. These specially made duct boards give exceptional fire resistance and also superior sound insulation. Here are some very important features of this excellent product by Rockwool:

Make: Rockwool duct insulation board is made with non-combustible, high-density mineral wool with high-emissivity black foil facings on the front. Mineral wool does not only reduce heat loss in ducts but also helps give fire resistance for up to 2 hours, especially in ventilation and smoke extract ducts. 

Easy to Install: FirePro duct boards are easy to install. It is easy to cut using a  hand saw or circular/table saw. These duct insulation boards can be mechanically secured around the rectangular and square ductwork using insulation stick pins with washers or Fire-Pro adhesives. 

Fire Resistance: Rockwool duct board can safeguard ducting for up to two hours in addition to providing fire resistance when it passes through fire-rated walls and floors. This ensures that a fire cannot spread unnoticed throughout a building's ductwork. It is typically employed in commercial and industrial settings.

Thermal And Acoustic Insulation: Mineral wool insulation has low thermal conductivity, which helps protect ducts from heat loss. Stone wool also has the ability to use trapped air to increase its thermal efficiency. Also, due to their high density, these duct boards also soundproof ductwork. They help make the workplace more productive, by reducing the operational sound of ducts.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 1200mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Thickness Available: 60mm and 90mm

Key Features: 

  • The high density of these duct boards ensures exceptional fire resistance.
  • Duct insulation provides fire resistance for up to 2 hours for smoke extract and ventilation ductwork.
  • It is chemically inert and does not promote the growth of moulds or fungi.
  • Rockwool duct boards are known for their excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  • These fire-resistant boards are thoroughly tested on both vertical and horizontal ducts through fire-rated walls and floors.
  • Black foil-faced insulation keeps moisture out of the ductwork and offers additional design freedom.
  • The versatile application of these Rockwool duct boards makes them ideal for use across a range of ductworks.
  • Mineral wool insulation is rot-proof and does not degrade with time.


  • Rockwool duct board is versatile in application and can be used across a range of ducts.
  • It is ideal for ventilation and smoke extract ducts where extra fire resistance is required. 
  • Rockwool insulation can be used on both vertical and horizontal ducts through fire-rated walls and floors.
  • Provides effective insulation in square and rectangular-shaped ductworks.

Other Details:

  • Material: Stone wool
  • Product Code: Rockwool FirePro Duct Rock
  • Facings: Black foil-faced insulation
  • DuctRock has been classified in accordance with EN 13501-4:2016.
  • Fire Resistance Classification: up to EI 120 multi (ho/ve) S 500


  • Duct insulation is made using responsibly sourced, sustainable stone wool. 
  • By relying on trapped air for its thermal properties, Rockwool insulation can save on energy costs. 
  • Rockwool duct boards do not contain any ozone depletion potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP).
  • They are approximately 97% recyclable. 

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