Benefits of using nitrile rubber pipe insulation

We have looked into the benefits of pipe insulation in our previous blog. So, we know that pipe insulation helps the plumbing in your home function more efficiently. In addition to saving energy costs, pipe lagging helps reduce your carbon footprint. Pipe Insulation protects pipes from condensation, sweating and other issues.

By lagging pipework, pipes remain protected from extreme temperatures, dirt and corrosion. Therefore, it is essential to insulate pipes and ducts in your homes, commercial settings and industrial settings.

Pipes in the cold spaces of your home need to be insulated as well. If you have a cold roof, then the mineral wool loft insulation rolls laid down between and over the joists effectively stop the heat at the ceiling level. This means that the pipes and tanks in the loft are often exposed to freezing temperatures. 

So, leaving them un-insulated can quickly become a reason for many problems. Uninsulated pipes can freeze or burst, which in turn could damage your furniture and belongings. It could also make the mineral wool loft insulation  wet, causing moulds and other problems. 

There are many pipe lagging options available. Besides, when you buy pipe insulation online, you get easy access to many sizes and specifications of the pipe lagging, something that may not be available at your local vendor. 

Some of the pipe lagging products that buy insulation online has in store for you are:

Phenolic pipe insulation:

This foil-faced phenolic foam pipe insulation by Kingspan, is considered one of the most thermally efficient insulation products in the market. It offers excellent fire resistance, thermal insulation and compressive strength. It is used across project sizes for building and HVAC applications. 

Glass mineral wool pipe insulation:

This foil-faced glass mineral wool pipe insulation by Isover, offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. It effectively protects pipes from condensation, bursts and other major issues. It reduces thermal bridging. It is suitable for HVAC and building applications across projects. 

Rockwool pipe insulation:

The foil-faced mineral wool pipe insulation by Rockwool functions efficiently even at temperatures as high as 250°C. Rock wool insulation provides acoustic and thermal insulation to HVAC applications across projects.

Armacell tubolit pe pipe insulation:

This foam pipe insulation gives exceptional thermal insulation to all types of pipework. It is a cost-efficient, easy-to-install and energy-saving solution. It is used to insulate sewage pipes, hot and cold-water pipes, among others, in both residential and commercial facilities.

The focus of this blog, however, is nitrile rubber pipe insulation:

What is nitrile rubber pipe insulation made of?

The nitrile rubber pipe insulation is made of nitrile rubber or Buna R, a most commonly used elastomer. Nitrile rubber consists of unsaturated copolymers of acrylonitrile and butadiene monomers. The chemical and physical properties of nitrile rubber vary based on the polymer makeup.

What sets nitrile rubber pipe insulation apart?

The nitrile rubber pipe insulation has many distinguishing features, like high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. It is much stronger and resilient to oils and acids. It is also highly flexible in nature.

The class 'O' insulation:

The class 'O' rating of the nitrile rubber means they protect the pipe surface from spreading flames while also reducing the amount of heat emitted during a fire. The nitrile rubber protects pipes against cold and hot temperatures by reflecting radiant heat away from the surface of the pipes.

The closed-cell nature:

Nitrile rubber pipe lagging is closed-cell insulation. The nitrile rubber is exposed to a blowing agent like nitrogen under extremely high pressure. The process incorporates many tiny molecules in the fabric of the pipe insulating material. Each of these tiny molecules is filled with the blowing agent. The blowing agent acts as a protective thermal barrier when compared to air. The closed-cell nature also makes the insulation much denser. The closed-cell nature of the pipe lagging also restricts the transfer of heat, thus reducing energy loss.


Nitrile rubber pipe insulation is naturally moisture resistant. The nitrile rubber pipe lagging is resilient to water ingress and moisture build-up. It does not wick moisture, protects metal pipes and keeps them dry while also keeping corrosion at bay. 

Anti- microbial:

Closed-cell nitrile foam pipe insulation has antimicrobial properties that prevent mould and germs from growing. Also, since the moisture build-up is almost negligible, the formation of moulds, bacteria and other organisms can be kept in check.

Highly flexible:

Nitrile rubber insulation is a very adaptable and versatile material. The rubber foam pipe insulation is highly flexible. It can be easily moulded into shape, therefore is ideal to insulate pipes on uneven or odd shapes of the pipes and ducts.

The closed-cell elastomeric insulation is impervious to water, oil, and most acids. It's perfect for insulating vessels, curved or irregular shapes, because of its elasticity.

Corrosion resistance:

Since nitrile rubber foam pipe insulation does not allow moisture in and helps keep corrosion is kept to a minimum. 


Unlike wool insulation, the nitrile rubber pipe insulation is free of dust and tiny wool fibres. They do not contain any CFCs and have zero Ozone Depleting Potential, making them an environmentally friendly product.

Uses of nitrile rubber pipe insulation:

Nitrile rubber insulation is flexible, closed cell, and elastomeric. Some of its applications include:

  • Duct Insulation
  • To insulate water tanks.
  • To protect cold water supply units and chilled water lines from freezing over.
  • For reducing energy loss in hot and heating systems. 
  • HVAC applications like air conditioning ductwork and refrigeration pipework.  

Key features of nitrile rubber pipe insulation: 

  • Condensation Control: The elastomeric, nitrile rubber foam pipe insulation prevents condensation on refrigeration copper piping, heating and ventilation pipework, and air-conditioning pipework. 
  • Versatile Applications: There isn’t much nitrile rubber foam pipe lagging cannot do for you. When insulated properly and when working within its claimed temperature range, the rubber foam lagging saves energy loss in both hot and cold plumbing lines, as well as a ducting insulation blanket.
  • The rubber foam pipe lagging is resistant to water vapour. 
  • They offer excellent adhesion to adhesives and coatings.
  • The insulation is easy to cut, carry and install. Installing nitrile rubber lagging on pipes is an easy DIY task.
  • It significantly reduces energy costs.
  • It operates efficiently in a wide temperature range -50 °C to +110 °C.
  • The nitrile rubber pipe insulation increases the life of your plumbing in industrial, commercial and residential applications. 
  • They are cost-effective, easy to install and highly flexible.
  • Nitrile rubber pipe lagging slows down pipe-freezing by providing effective insulation.

We at Buy Insulation Online store nitrile rubber pipe lagging from K-Flex insulation. Our selection includes the following:

1.Self- seal pipe insulation:

The self-seal pipe lagging solution from K-Flex is made in lengths of 2 meters. The closed-cell insulation is ideal to insulate HVAC and plumbing applications. They effectively reduce heat loss in warm water pipe fittings and protect the cold-water pipes from condensation and sweating. They are used to insulate domestic and industrial applications alike.

The self-seal pipe insulation has an in-built vapour barrier to avoid issues like condensation, sweating and bursts. The pipe lagging is pre-slit and uses the Insul-Lock, a unique adhesive technology that is simple and quick to apply. This new technique significantly reduces installation time and minimises the use of additional adhesives while also enhancing working conditions. 

2.Nitrile rubber sheet:

The nitrile rubber sheet can be used to insulate ducts and pipes. The 2m long sheet is designed to provide continuous insulation on large surfaces. The nitrile rubber sheet is highly flexible, making it easy to insulate joints, suspension and uneven surfaces. They simplify installation by lowering the number of sections necessary, saving time and money. 

The nitrile rubber sheet effectively insulate cold water pipes and protect them from freezing. They are ideal to insulate aluminium metal ducts and large diameter pipes. They also prevent condensation, sweating and other issues in pipes and ducts.

3. Closed st pipe lagging:

The closed-cell elastomer comes with an in-built vapour barrier. Made in lengths of 2m, they provide effective HVAC insulation. The Class O nitrile rubber pipe lagging prevents heat loss, condensation in pipes. They also protect the pipes from bursting by increasing the time required for water to freeze over. The nitrile rubber foam insulation has many industrial applications also.

The ST pipe lagging provides high performance for all applications in a temperature range from -200 °C to +110 °C. The closed pipe lagging prevents thermal bridging. They can be easily cut to size. They are easily cut to size and can be used to insulate corners or irregular surfaces. The Armacell adhesive can effectively stick the insulation securely around the pipework, giving it a neat and professional finish. Follow the steps explained in our blog for more installation instructions.

In conclusion:

Nitrile rubber insulation effectively reduces heat loss in pipes. With their super flexibility and cost-effectiveness, nitrile rubber pipe insulation is used to insulate pipes and ducts, in not only a residential application but also in commercial and industrial settings. Effective insulation of the pipework in your facility can immensely reduce your energy costs and make your facility more energy efficient.

For quality nitrile rubber insulation, foam pipe insulation or any other pipe lagging solutions visit Buy Insulation Online. We also store foil-faced duct wraps, duct slabs, valve jackets, trace heating cables and supplies, along with other general building supplies like loft insulation, wall insulation, foil insulation rolls to meet all the insulation requirements of your home or building. We also offer free delivery in major cities and plant a tree for free with every order.


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