More insulation = a more comfortable home and lower energy bills

Last week was Earth Week and we observe earth day every year and think about innovative ways to help save the environment and do our part to help fight global warming.

Heating homes account for over 70% of household power consumption. Your efforts to reduce this figure, by increasing your home insulation, not only cut energy bills and keeps your home warm but also align with the government's carbon reduction commitments of being Carbon neutral by 2050.

When you maximise insulation in your home, you'll have warmer indoors in winter and cooler summers. With unprecedented temperatures reached every year due to global warming, increasing insulation comes across as a better option to maintain pleasant living conditions indoors. Insulation seems inexpensive compared to the cost of maintaining power-hungry, high-end heating and cooling systems, in short increasing insulation is an easy, cost-effective win for your wallet and for your carbon footprint.

Small measures could help you save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills every year. With smart meters, these savings are easily assessed, and you can be glad about doing your bit, every day, to save the planet. Insulating your home can also lead to quieter, more relaxed indoors as they prevent thermostat wars between you and your household.

 Things you can do to help with energy bills are:

  • Use thermal blinds and curtains
  • Make use of a smart thermostat (set at 19°C).
  • Upgrade your boiler to a new efficient model
  • Draught-proof your windows, doors and cracks in the floor
  • Increase your loft insulation to 270mm depth minimum.
  • If you have air ducts, use duct insulation to make sure that any heat or coolth isn't lost on its journey.
  • Make use of reflective radiator panels to reflect the heat indoors from behind your rads.
  • External and Cavity Wall insulation - Fill the gaps in cavity walls and wrap your home in a warm blanket by adding external wall insulation and stop the heat from sneaking out. This is not a DIY job usually so expert advice is required. We stock top-selling brands Knauf insulation who make Dritherm 32 and Dritherm 37 cavity wall insulation batts.
  • Wall, Floor, Roof Insulation - Your heating and cooling systems will require less energy if the walls, floors and roof are equipped with added insulation. Some good options for this include Actis Hybris, Knauf RS45RS60 and Rockwool RWA45.

Depending on your DIY skills, you can easily carry out many of these measures. The various insulation materials are easily available and are affordable. However, please check that all work complies with your building regulations. If in doubt, always consult insulation or energy consultants before you attempt any work.

The bottom line is additional insulation raises the overall comfort level of your home by optimising the temperature and also helps to get negative effects such as moisture, dampness or noise, under control. It increases the integrity and most probably the value of your house or building.

Adding insulation is a shrewd, long term investment and it is nearly always recouped within a few years. After that, it keeps money in your pocket and not energy companies.

Surveys show that the number of people willing to invest in their home and the percentage of people pleased with the final results is growing each day. Participants have stated that they were pleased with the level of comfort achieved once proper insulation is installed, with many indicating the likeliness of investing in additional insulation to improve the comfort of their homes. 

So in summary there are many different areas in your home where you can install insulation fairly easily and these include but are not limited to -

  • Loft Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Roof ceiling Insulation
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Duct Insulation

So to maximise the comfort of your home and to help with energy bills, buy insulation online products at unparalleled prices from We stock all the top brands, manufactured in the UK or in Europe at competitive prices. Buying insulation online is now easy, secure and hassle-free.

Using the proceeds from your purchase, we want to create a positive feedback loop with you and give more towards charities like Ecologi (Click here to see our forest) and make this world a little greener and better! Visit to know more.


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