Benefits of thermal insulation jackets

 A well-insulated building will save energy, lower utility costs and decrease the carbon footprint. While we usually focus on loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and others to increase the energy efficiency of a home/building, we tend to forget other areas that also need to be insulated. 

It is important to note that duct insulation and pipe insulation also play a key role in increasing the energy efficiency of the building. Commercial and industrial buildings require this the most. 

Uninsulated valves, ducts and pipes can significantly lose heat and result in increased energy expenses. It is, therefore essential, to insulate valves using removable thermal insulation jackets. We will discuss more about them in this blog. 

What are thermal insulation jackets:

Thermal insulation jackets are fully insulated covers that protect valves and flanges from severe temperatures and damage. Typically, you can find them in commercial and industrial buildings.

They are manufactured using a coloured (usually standard grey or standard black) silicone coated glass fibre cloth that is sewn around mineral wool insulation. The thickness of the mineral wool insulation can range between 50-70mm. 

They are provided with velcro straps and pull cords to ensure that they fit around the valves correctly. These jackets are available in standard sizes or can be custom-made, to perfectly fit the valves. 

Benefits of thermal insulation jackets:
1. Energy savings:

The primary benefit of using thermal insulation jackets for valves is to save energy and money. Removable insulation jackets are provided with velcro straps and pull cords to ensure a snug fit around the valves. It ensures airtight insulation, which means heat cannot escape easily.  

2. Hassle- free maintenance:

It is necessary to periodically inspect and maintain valves to detect and resolve problems, related to function, energy wastage and to solve equipment issues. Proper maintenance of valves also helps tackle issues like corrosion, leaks and accidents.  

It is quite simple and easy to remove the thermal jackets from valves at the time of inspection. They can be just as easily re-applied. The pull cords ensure airtight insulation around the valves, every time it is reinstalled. 

3. Better than traditional insulation:

It can be a time-consuming and tedious process to remove and reinstall traditional, hard insulation, around the valves every time you inspect them. The process can also damage the rigid insulation, making it redundant and unfit to be installed again. All the while, your valves will be exposed and uninsulated, incurring an increase in energy expense. These are additional costs, which you can do without. For reasons like these, it is better to insulate valves with removable and flexible insulated valve covers.

In comparison to rigid, fixed insulation systems, the thermal insulated jackets may be simply removed and replaced at half the time with simple fastening mechanisms. It reduces the hassles of maintaining, inspecting and repairing valves. 

Extends the lifespan of valves:

The pipes and valves placed outside a building are constantly exposed to harsh conditions like freezing temperatures, rain, heat and more. 

Thermal insulation jackets help protect the valves from these harsh environmental conditions. They also protect them from corrosion, condensation issues, rusting, moulds and other problems that can cause harm to the valves and pipes. In short, insulated valve covers help increase the lifespan of the valves by protecting them from damage.

Improves workplace safety:

Removable insulation covers efficiently insulate high-temperature valves and reduce the danger of burns to your employees. Jackets also effectively hide sharp edges of application equipment, resulting in a safer working environment.

Our jackets are perfect even for continuous use at temperatures up to 2200C. They help to improve workplace safety.

Working around heated pipes and valves can be exhausting. The surrounding areas are likely to be heated as well. It causes not just discomfort but also exhaustion and dehydration in working personnel. Accidents or errors are likely to occur in such situations. When you use thermal insulation covers in such areas, you can reduce the heat transmitted from equipment, valves and pipes. Thus, keeping work areas cooler and creating a safer work environment. 

Thermal insulation jackets reduce condensation issues effectively. Your workplace could be free of wet floors, which can otherwise lead to slips or accidents.  

What should you look for while buying insulated valve jackets online?

There are many different kinds of valves each, with their own and distinct geometry. So one size or type of jacket will not fit all kinds of valves.

The valve covers needs to fit your valves perfectly. It should precisely match the part it is made for. It should fit snugly around the valves to ensure airtight insulation. It works best if the jackets have pull cords and velcro straps. Check the specification and the product description listed on the websites, if you want to buy thermal insulation jackets online. It should give you an idea about the temperature resistance of the jacket. 

In conclusion:

Energy savings, lower carbon emissions and better health and safety in the workplace are the advantages of using removable thermal insulation jackets to insulate valves. They are a cost-effective solution to increase energy efficiency, save operating expenses, and lower CO2 emissions. 

At, you can choose a whole range of thermal insulation jackets online that fit perfectly around all kinds of valves. You can choose from the standard sizes displayed on the website or email us at [email protected] for custom-made valve covers. We can also print your company logo on the jackets, for free.

In addition to insulated valve covers, we have a massive collection of technical insulation products like pipe insulation, duct insulation, along with structural insulation materials like loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and many more, all from the UK’s most trusted brands at highly competitive prices. Visit today! 


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