Why choose buy insulation online?

The benefits of insulating your home and facility are somethings we have discussed at a stretch here at Buy Insulation Online

Insulation is the most effective way to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint. By filling up your facilities with insulation, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by at least 20%. Insulation can also help soundproof your facility, making indoors more relaxing and efficient. You also help reduce the number of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, through effective insulation.

In this blog, we will discuss how Buy Insulation Online can help you offset your carbon. We will also attempt to answer some of the questions you may have regarding our tree-planting work with Ecologi

When you purchase your insulation online with us, what do you get?

Hand- picked top quality products:

Our experience in the construction industry allows us to select top-quality products just for you. When you use buy insulation online, you will have access to a large array of high-quality brands such as Kingspan, Celotex, Rockwool, Knauf, Isover, and many others. The quality and durability of these product lines are quite well-known.

We store insulation products to fit all applications, to insulate every corner of your home or facility. Our collection of duct wraps and duct slabs provides effective duct insulation and makes your workplace safer and more efficient. With our foam pipe lagging and pipe insulation range, you can protect your pipes from freezing and condensation. Using our extensive range of valve jackets, you can easily protect and maintain flanges and valves. Our massive range of acoustic insulation products ensures effective soundproofing in your facilities. We also store mineral wool loft insulation rolls, foil insulation products and much more. 

Different from your local store:

What pipe or wall insulation products you get in your local store, usually depends on the products that your local supplier can get his hands on and on what products he will receive maximum profit. At Buy Insulation Online, we put this choice back in your hands. 

We list products from most of the top brands in the UK and let you choose what you need and how much you need. If you are confused anytime or need any advice, our expert team is always available to sort the query out for you.

Different parts of your home will have different requirements and we at Buy Insulation Online have specified sections or categories to address all these areas. We even specialise in technical insulation requirements like duct wraps, duct slabs, valve jackets and pipe lagging solutions, all under one roof, on one easy-to-use website.

Delivery to where you want them:

We work with carefully chosen courier partners who ensure smooth delivery of the products from our warehouses to your location. We deliver for free in major cities on orders ranging from 125 to 625 for select products.

Insulation does not have to be expensive or have outrageous carriage costs. Get the product delivered for free in major cities and make your home cosy and warm. 

Order when you want to:

Our easy-to-use website enables you to place an order with us, as and when you want. We try our best to deliver the products to you as early as we can. However, sometimes the lead time differs if the said product is not available at a warehouse near you or due to a supply shortage.

Tried and tested products:

Our listing includes products from top brands that have stood the test of time. The products like Kingspan Kooltherm, Armaflex foam pipe insulation or Rockwool have been around for a long time now.

It is our goal to provide you with as much information about the products as we can. We always try to provide you with installation videos that describe how to install foam pipe insulation, valve jackets, or soundproof your home. 

Insulation helps reduce energy consumption, makes indoors comfortable and reduces your carbon footprint. Another more prominent way to reduce your carbon offset is by planting trees. Trees are important for the environment. They absorb carbon dioxide and help to reduce global warming. Trees help sustain life on this planet and help tackle climate change. They provide habitats for wildlife, improve air quality, and reduce noise pollution.

Here at Buy Insulation online, we plant a tree for every order, no matter how small the order is. We work with Ecologi, our planting partners who conduct this unique work, for all of us. So far, we have planted over 1000+ trees and wish to create a greater impact with your help.

Here, we try and answer some questions you may have regarding our planting works with Ecologi:

Does buy insulation online plant a tree for every order?

Yes, we do. Once your order is delivered or completed, an automatic input system allows notifying Ecologi of your purchase. A seed is sown for your order in any area in the world, where Ecologi’s planting projects are being conducted at the given time. 

As proof, we send out an email to you with a link to where your tree is planted. If you follow the link, you will know more about the plant species and its location.

How are the plant species chosen?

The plant species are chosen after thorough research. Among the very many plant species available, priority is always given to species that soak up or absorb more carbon. Mangroves top the list of the most planted saplings by Ecologi, basically because Mangroves take carbon at a much higher rate than any other type of terrestrial ecosystem. 

Mangroves are known for their massive root networks that may store a significant quantity of carbon. Their location on coastal wetlands implies that all this carbon is less prone to damage by natural hazards such as wildfires. Mangroves also provide a range of ecosystem services, including sediment management, fisheries and fibre production. If your tree gets planted in Madagascar, it will more likely be a mangrove.

Who looks after my plant?

Once the seed is sown, the local workforce at Ecologi ensures that they have the best chance of survival. The locals in the area are employed to care for the plants. They sow the seeds and nurture them into strong, lively trees that eventually grow and offset your carbon. Because an economic incentive is given to the local workers, they care for the trees as their own. 

The employees get fair wages, plus they also get to reap the benefits from the trees. Apart from mangroves, roughly 10% of the trees planted provide food or fodder. So, in a way, you not only plant a tree, but you also provide employment opportunities to the local community. Not just that, your tree helps maintain the ecosystem and sustain life in the area. 

Does one tree make a difference?

Yes, it does. Every tree planted creates an impact and offsets carbon. Plus, the more you purchase insulation online with us, the more you plant and create a greater impact.

How do you ensure the plants survive?

With the help of the workforce employed, the planting partners at Ecologi can achieve a survival rate of roughly 80-85 per cent on our mass restoration sites.

However, each project is unique, and the survival rate depends on a variety of elements such as location, species, local conditions, and working terms.

How do you ensure that my tree is not cut down?

Reforestation operations rely on strict protocols to assure the safety of the trees planted. There is absolutely no point in taking the effort to grow a tree if they were to be burned or chopped down right away. 

While no organisation can promise that a forest will be impermeable to all threats indefinitely – there are many steps Ecologi takes with the forestry projects to reduce these risks. It is incorporated into Ecologi's due diligence procedures when selecting reforestation partners to collaborate with, as well as the types of projects we sponsor.

How does reforestation work?

What used to be a lush, green cover of around 12%, has now been reduced to a mere 5% of the forest area on earth. All thanks to the severely damaged, neglected tropical forests, wherein the biodiversity is also almost extinct.

Reforestation, particularly of tropical forests, is crucial to address climate change. It involves nurturing and planting saplings to rebuild former forest cover. The most important tree-planting programmes of Ecologi are in Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nicaragua. Replanting is done properly, in a systematic way, to provide benefits for biodiversity and carbon capture.

To improve the biodiversity of the area, reforestation work conducted must include a native and diverse mix of plants. An adequate protection system is put in place to guarantee that the forest survives for long durations instead of being chopped down for wood.

Does Ecologi help plant trees closer to home?

As part of the 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution unveiled in December 2020, the United Kingdom pledged to plant more trees in around 30,000 new hectares per year. In a country where only 13% of the land accounts as forested area, this is a welcome change. Responsible planting in the UK is important and Ecologi has two UK-specific tree-planting projects: one in the South-West of England and another in Scotland.

In conclusion:

At Buy Insulation Online, we are committed to increasing the green cover while also helping you get top-quality insulation products at competitive prices. Besides standard insulation products such as wall or loft insulation, our warehouses stock duct wraps, valve jackets, foam pipe insulation, and much more, all of them of the highest quality. We deliver them for free in major cities. If insulation is on your mind, then we hope you think of us.


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